At Premier Studio we photograph families. Clients often ask me if we can just do the kids, and I always say that we do need to have mum and dad in the photos too. In fact, we insist on it. I thought I would write a little about why I am so passionate about taking family photos.


I truly believe in what we do at Premier Studio and I think that a family portrait is one of the most treasured memories that our children will take into their adult years. I love looking back on the photos with my mum and sister and remembering that time in our life. I now look at the photos with my husband and my children and know that they will have those photos for their whole life. It really is documenting history. 

I hear all the excuses under the sun why you don't want to be in the family photos... I know what it's like to want to lose another 5 (or 10) kilos before having family photos done, and quite often that is a good excuse for any mum. I know lots of guys that hate having their photo taken (my husband!) and this is usually the excuse not to be in the family photos for them... but then another 5 years goes by and you both think back to that time and wish you had of done those photos then! We always look at old photos of ourselves and think "I was so much younger/fitter/thinner/better looking". This is a natural, human thing to do! Don't let that be the excuse that stops you from being in the photos now with your children. 

You need to exist in the photos for your children. I know so many mums that tell me they aren't in their family photos, because they are always the one behind the lens. These are the photoshoots I just love doing, something that is going to be treasured by your children, because this is their photo with mum. And they don't have many! 

A family that I photographed the other week told me at the end of the shoot that they didn't want to be in the photos at the beginning. Mum felt insecure about how she looked and dad really hated having his photo taken. After they came back for their purchasing appointment and picked out all the photos they wanted they came to me and said thank you. "Thank you for insisting that I be in my family photos. My children have something of me with them and they will treasure this for many years."

"I wish I didn't have a family photo". Said no one ever. 

So if you are still wondering if you should be in your family photo... have a look back. Have a look back at the photos of your grandparents or your mum or your dad, or your brothers and sisters and how much you treasure those past moments. We only realise how important our photos are when it's all we have left.