Glenda booked in for her shoot right at the end of Winter at Premier Studio in Perth. On our first booking call with Glenda we found out so many great things about this vivacious, well travelled and delightful woman.  

I had the pleasure of shooting her portrait and I couldnt wait to see what Glenda had bought along to her shoot. Glenda's booking consultant had already gone over so many great options for us to shoot. First of all- Glenda is a grandmother- so we wanted to show her love of reading to her grandkids with some teddies and special hand-puppets that she has collected over the years to entertain the kids. Glenda also makes patchwork quilts! So I knew we had to incorporate one of her designs into the shots too!

I found out that Glenda has travelled most of the world! We used the umbrella and scarf that Glenda had picked up on her travels to show places she has been, while showcasing the beautiful Australian bushland on our 5 acres that home is where the heart is for her, in Australia. 

Even though Glenda loves travelling, she is also a marriage celebrant. You can see her love for meeting couples every weekend and helping them embark on their journey of marriage. If you need a marriage celebrant, check her out here: