It was so lovely having Allyson and Trevor come in for a couple shoot. These two made it extremely evident that they loved each other, just being in their presence we could feel the love between them, being filled with joy seeing two people who are truly soulmates. Having their photos taken here at Premier 11 years ago, Allyson tried to book a family shoot although with children living here, there and everywhere, they came to realise that may be a romantic couple shoot at our Perth 5 acre outdoor studio is just what they needed after almost 33 years of marriage, and thank goodness they did! This was a fantastic portrait session, not only being sweet and romantic but also fun- popping a bottle of wine open in our lovely grass and snuggling on the bed of the old truck. For the fun of it we even got a little bit cheesy, with Trevor and Allyson feeding each other grapes as they lay laughing together.

Trevor is a farmer but also an absolute romantic, making cheeky jokes, flattering and ultimately loving Allyson. I distinctly remember him picking daisies and lilies for his wife and most importantly striking a cheeky pose with them 😊. Like Trevor, Allyson loves enjoying a glass of wine, while also keeping active and volunteering within the community. 

These two made for an extremely gorgeous atmosphere as they slow danced with each other around in the gorgeous afternoon light. Witnessing such a strong and healthy relationship, we had to ask for their secret to a lasting relationship, and they laid it out simply: love, friendship and most importantly you must be able to always trust each other.

Thank you Allyson and Trevor for making it such an enjoyable and feel good shoot, we felt so honoured and privileged to photograph and meet you, hope you enjoy your new wall-art 😊