What a cute and loving little family! Sean and Jaclyn should be very proud of their two gorgeous kids with Henry and Charlotte having such a gorgeous brotherly-sisterly relationship. 

Henry's smile just screams cheeky. Henry was such a delight to photograph exploring our 5 acre outdoor studio in his cute little outfit. It was evident he was absolutely in his element in the bush-land, with Jaclyn describing to us that at the age of 3 he has a clear love for gardening, digging holes and even mowing the lawn. Sean and Henry clearly have that father and son bond, with them both sharing a love for fishing, so we made sure that they brought in the fishing rods, making for some fantastic photos. Henry even brought along his favourite squid to hook on his fishing line 😊

Charlotte is starting to discover all the fun to be had in life, enjoying time with her brother, having fun sitting in the grass and following Henry on the bike.

Jaclyn did absolutely great with outfit colours, making for some gorgeous photos. It was an absolute pleasure and  joy to photograph such a loving family 😊