Right from the moment Leighanne, Scott and of course Poppy walked into the studio, we knew it was going to be a fantastic shoot. They are such a sweet, well mannered and polite couple, with an abundance of love clearly evident between them, and definitely a love for Poppy, which Tom the assistant also developed 😊 becoming best friends by the end of the shoot. They for sure also know how to dress well, with Scott's blue blazer complimenting the gorgeous greens of the 5 acre outdoor studio perfectly and Leighanne's floral dress popping beautifully in the golden summer's light and we can't forget Poppy's red collar matching his gorgeous black coat. 

Leighanne and Scott are such a cute couple, who genuinely enjoy each others presence. These two love birds met each other while Scott was over in Queensland for work with the defence force, coming back to Western Australia, Leighanne followed and moved over because of her love for Scott. Scott is still working for the defence force after 8 years, with Leighanne studying. Scott loves online gaming and Leighanne's appreciation for books made for an awesome shot highlighting each of their personality as they sit in our outdoor Perth studio (3rd image).

Poppy is a Kelpie cross Border Collie filled with energy. If there were two words to describe Poppy's passions, they would be, balls and bubbles. Poppy had such a lovely temperament and totally ball fixated. We have never quite seen a dog so excited about bubbles, absolutely attacking the bubbles as they were blown, making for a fantastic photo in the studio. 

It was so lovely meeting these three and we truly hope Scott and Leighanne enjoy the photos 😊


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