Want to take better pics of your kids at home? Want to know some top tips from our best photographers - Jonelle and Jane.

Jonelle says her best tip is to get on the same level as the kids... even if it means getting on the ground! "Getting that really great shot looking straight at your precious little one is my favourite angle" says Jonelle. A lot of the times at home we are so used to taking photos from a standing level, looking down at your kids (probably with your iPhone), so getting down onto the same level as the kids gives a different look to what we normally see. 


"Look for the best light!" says Jane. Instead of standing right in the sun, which is very harsh and not very flattering look for a shady spot in the garden and make sure there isnt a bright light behind your kids. Perhaps position your kids inside, near an open window. The soft light will create beautiful shadows around their faces but still give you enough light to make sure your shots are in focus.


Bonus Top Tip!!

Jane and Jonelle both say that the thing they always make sure they do: is have a great time at the shoot with the kids. The best way to do that is to get the kids talking about things they love! 'Ask them to talk and think about things that make them happy, like their favourite person (mum) and their family animals'. When getting the kids to smile at the camera try getting the kids to say something other than 'cheeeeeeeese'.  Some of Jonelle and Jane's favourites are: 'Love mummy'  and 'Nanna's knickers' These sayings instantly provoke feelings (love, laughter) and then you capture their reaction to what they said. Most times they are cracking up laughing so much, you get 3 or 4 shots in a row!