Taking photos at Premier Studio is a bit of a passion for us. We love to photograph love and take pride in every shoot we do. Jane and Jonelle share a few of their shooting tips with you here. Like this? Comment below and we'll get some more Top Tips happening for you!


Make a Connection

Portrait photography doesn't just have to be your family looking at the camera - we capture the connection too!


Lighting isn't just one thing, it is EVERYTHING.

Before you even pick up the camera you must find the light. Look around you, What can you see? Can you see the light? Back light, side light, flat light, studio light. It's all good baby! We are constantly looking for the best light on our shoots. Sometimes just walking around the subjects in a semicircle can help you find the light or try getting up higher, or lower (like laying on the ground).

All work and no play?

Forget about it! Having fun is where it's at. The best (and easiest) way to capture real smiles is to have fun. Sounds simple right? That's because it is!