A really common question we get all the time is "What do I get for my voucher?" It's a totally legitimate question and the short answer is easy: You get a photoshoot and enough credit to get one of our smallest photos... BUT there is so much more to having your family photos done at Premier Studio! We are all about having the full experience - here's the long answer... 

At Premier Studio we find out about what your family loves doing together. We want to capture those little moments. We can get so caught up in our day to day life (cooking, cleaning, washing...!) that we can forget about the little moments that our kids love so much. Like how mum always reads them stories at night, or how dad throws the kids up in the air so they think they can fly! Ask your kids what their favourite thing to do with you is. You might be surprised at what they say. I always am. We want to incorporate that into your photoshoot. 

Not only do we do the normal 'Family Shot' at your portrait, but we do shots of Mum with the kids, Dad with the kids, the kids together and individuals. All the different combos are included in your photo shoot with an award winning photographer. That's because we realise that your family is more than just the one family shot. It's the love you have for your first born or how you know your youngest will always be your baby (even if they are 15 now!)

At Premier Studio we always incorporate indoor studio photos and outdoor settings in your shoot. We have all the facilities right at our fingertips - so why not use it all! 

Not sure about what you want on the wall? Feel like you need to see us in person? We get it! That's why we include a consultation in person before your shoot to have a look around our studio, get a feel for what we can do for you on your shoot and answer any questions you might have too.

Our Design Consultant has been specially trained to help you choose the best possible products for your home and what you want during your Purchasing Appointment. This is done on a different day, after your shoot and normally goes for about 90mins.

The amount of credit on your voucher will depend if you book for a weekday or Saturday photo shoot - almost everyone uses it as a credit to get something with a bigger value. I personally love getting a couple of hundred bucks off anything! If you want to have a look at the different products we do, look here.

Still have more questions? We are really nice and love talking on the phone! Give us a call :)