So you've booked in for your shoot and now you're thinking "What do I wear???" After getting everyone coordinated and actually booking in for your photo shoot usually the next hardest decision is: what to wear. The clothes really do make the photos and a 'bad' choice can live with you for years on the wall, looking back at you. Well, I am here to help you! I have been looking on the internet and finding the best combos of clothes to really help you choose from your wardrobe or give you the perfect excuse to go on a new shopping spree. 

The style I have seen so much over the years is white tops and jeans. While this look seems like a simple decision, I feel that pops of colour and clothes that show your personality gives a much better look.. and this is where I am here to help you.

First you want to start with a colour palette. Go for autumn tones of greens, blues, greys and browns or a more summer look of cream, peach, pinks and blues. Whatever you do choose, you want to wear clothes that suit your personality, style and you feel comfortable in. For example you don't want buy a pair of jeans if you never wear jeans! Patterns are often given a wide berth too, but they can actually look beautiful, especially in our outdoor settings. Some pastel floral colours of pink, cream and apricot look gorgeous against our beautiful natural bushland. Mens shirts with a check in them can go really well if you tie one of the colours from the shirt with a dress or shirt for one of the kids (see some examples of this below). Make sure you remember your accessories too! A simple headband for your daughter with a pop of green (or pink or even red.. you get the idea!) with a matching necklace for mum will brighten up your photos. We also can't forget about shoes! Often the last thought in our heads when deciding on clothes, they can look like a sore thumb in the middle of the photo if they are big white sneakers! Go for something that suits your clothing for starters - wearing all jumpers and jeans - boots are best! (make sure the men are wearing black socks) or if you are going for a spring or summer look, go for some strappy sandals and some canvas shoes for the guys. 

See below here some examples of family outfits that look good together. Remember, you can always bring along a few different changes of clothes for everyone and your photographer will help you out when you arrive to your shoot.

Don't forget to bring your jewellery and any family heirloom pieces. Like Dad's watch, or mums earrings. These pieces have a sentimental value that you will cherish in your photos years down the track.

I hope this helps with your clothing decisions, and remember, if in doubt, just bring along a few options and get your photographer, Jonelle or Jane to help you out at your shoot!