purchase your past session files Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are we doing this?
We wanted to give a special gift to YOU are valued past client

Can I preview the images prior to deciding?
We are not offering previews for this incrediblly low price

Can I purchase my images from another year?
Not at this stage

How many photos can I expect?
This varies but 30 on average

How big are the files?
Large enough to print at least a high resolution A4 print. Larger prints are possible depending on your individual software.

What file format are the images?

Can I get the high resolution negatives?
Yes you can choose to receive the RAW files instead of having the jpegs emailed. You will need to collect the discs from our studio.
Please note if you choose this option we offer no support for opening the files. Most people do not have the required software or technical expertise to open Camera RAW files. 

When will I get my files?
Due to the way these files are stored we require approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.
You will receive an email from  "wetransfer" which will include a compressed zip file with jpeg images to download

What happens if you can't restore my files?
You will get a full refund of the $99