Your photoshoot

Watch this video for tips on what to wear and getting ready for your shoot.

Tips for your photoshoot

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting ready for your photoshoot

1- Clothing. Go here for a blog post on what to wear to your shoot.

If you can’t decide on an outfit - bring along 2 options and your photographer will help you decide on the day. We may not use all the clothes you bring along, but it's better to have too many option than none at all!

(TOP TIP: Check your bra straps aren't showing if you have a new top - you might need a new bra too).

2- Family heirlooms - Do you have your mums earrings - or your dads watch? Now is the time to bring it along so we can incorporate that into your shoot.

3- Personal items. We have listed the personal items to bring to your shoot in your booking email. If you think of some new items - bring them too!

4- Nail polish - Time for a mani-pedi! Chipped nail polish shows up in the photos on hands and feet so book in and get freshen'ed up! (TOP TIP: Make sure kids don't have temporary tattoos on their arms or legs)

5- Transition Glasses - Transition lenses go very dark outside for family photos - bring along a pair of glasses that have clear lenses.