You've heard the old saying "Don't work with kids or animals"...? Well we love them both at Premier Studio! 

We love taking photos that are representative of your family, especially when your family members are growing and changing so quickly. We're a family-operated and family-run studio, and we've been in business for more than 40 years. That’s why Premier Studio is the best place to bring your children for professional portraits.

It’s hard to take photos that capture your children. Children are always running around and playing. That can be great for natural photo shoots, but it also means that photos usually come out blurry and do not really capture your child’s unique facial expressions.

We adore photos that demonstrate exactly what it means to be a child—the playfulness, the innocence, and the curiosity that children naturally have towards the world. All of our portraits seek to capture these childlike qualities in a way that you can remember forever.

We are the largest outdoor photography site in Western Australia. With plenty of natural settings for our pictures, it is easy for us to take photographs that really do represent your child’s inquisitive and playful nature. We have swings, trees, and nature walks through the forest where many of our clients enjoy taking photos.

You can also bring the props that best represent your child to the photo shoot: stuffed animals, books, bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, etc. A portrait is a great way to recall the activities that your child loved doing, and it can convey your child’s passion for a particular hobby.

Bring the things you're into! Surfing, fairy costumes or a book worm, we love them all!

Some parents prefer their children to wear more traditional, smart looking clothing for photo shoots. Others prefer outfits for particular occasions, like fairy costumes or ballerina outfits. If you have a particular outfit in mind, you can tell us about it before the shoot and we will incorporate it into your portfolio.

Since we specialise in family photography, we love taking portraits of all your children together. We often take portraits featuring two, three, or even four children. No matter how big your family, we will find creative ways to express the love, adoration, and family-bonding among your children.

At Premier Studio, we have an all female team of photographers. Each of our photographers is accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. Our team has won a number of national and international awards for their photography skills. Most recently, our studio took home the AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the year award for 2012.

You can be sure our finished products are all the best possible quality, without any unnatural and unnecessary photo editing. Once you have chosen your favourite prints, you can choose to get them on canvas or acrylic, framed or unframed. We offer a wide variety of choices to accommodate different budgets.

Your favourite images showcased as wall-art!

These precious moments are the ideal time to photograph your children—otherwise they grow up too quickly and before you know it you will have missed the opportunity. Children do not stay young forever, but your portraits remain loving memories.

Call us today on 1300 778 834 or email us to arrange your children’s photo shoot and tell us about your specific requirements.