I have seen so many clients recently that have been through to us a few years ago and some many years ago..! The best thing about having a family business that has spanned 3 generations is that you get to see the 'old' clients and how the kids have grown up! So many families that were photographed by my mum when the kids were 2 or 3 are now coming back- as the kids are 13 and 14, or they have their own kids now. I also LOVE seeing the pictures that are still up on their walls from all that time ago. They all say to me that the photos are now priceless and even though it seemed like they were spending alot at the time- they would do it all again just to have those precious memories of their babies that are now all grown up. The one thing we really can't get back is time.

Naomi (the above photos) came through with her family over 10 years ago (and has been twice since too) but now she has her own little boy. We captured some gorgeous photos of the two of them together, and now her son will have these photos to treasure when he grows up.

If you have been to us before and are thinking about another shoot then ask about our VIP Client (Very Important Past Client) special. We would love to see you again and your new family, new kid or just grown up kids! 

The top photo is my sister and I at Fremantle E-Shed Markets. Taken about 22 years ago, Mum used to shoot there all the time. We used to whisper secrets to and plan all our adventures together. Now that we are both grown up, I still talk to my sister a lot and we do still plan adventures together.