Oh hey! Jonelle here. That's me (yes, a few years ago)  in that one there ---> 

I thought I would share a little about the family behind the Premier Family and what makes what I do a massive passion of mine.

So this is: My Why.

Until I had kids I didn’t really get it.

I’ve always believed in family photos (der). It was bred into me. Being brought up surrounded by photographers (i'm the 3rd generation female in the family (me, mum, grandma) in the Family, but there's more.... my Dad is a photographer, my Uncles (2 of them) and Aunty are photographers- all professional (and very good at it too!)

You could say it runs in my blood.

Like A LOT. 

So I've always been surrounded by photos and weddings. SO MANY WEDDINGS. anyways... i'm on a tangent.... Now I have kids. (Nate 6 and Asha almost 3).

and now I GET IT. 

These photos aren't for me....

It's for THEM. 

In 20 years.

To look back at how much they look like me.

And I look like my mum (I really do though).

To remind them that Daddy picked them up and cuddled them when they fell over. 

It will be a family legacy.

An heirloom if you will. 

To show them that home is not a place,

It's where their Family is. 

Nate and Asha both point at the wall and say “That’s me with my dad/mum!” (Nate has taken a photo of the canvases on our wall and saved it as his screen saver (dont ask).

"I like this one". Nate said deep in thought. "I like that I'm making my Dad laugh"

I didn’t understand the importance of having family photos on my own wall at home and the impact it would have on MY children.

I do now.

How it bonds the family unit in their little minds. HOW INCREDIBLE. 

This is our Family.

And we LOVE each other.


Here's a great Family Photo from before Asha was born, in 2014

Here's a great Family Photo from before Asha was born, in 2014

Our updated Canvas Voss Set which includes Asha! (I still love the above one too though!)

So that's why if you ring our studio we say you have to be in the photos. Dad too. 

No one has ever said to me "I wish I didn't have a photo with Mum".

I hear the opposite too often. 

Mike and Asha Newborn Photos. (She's so little there!)

This is an oldie. Me and my sister, Lili. We were blessed to have many photo shoots done by mum back then. Mostly under a bribe though. Isn't it great we have them now! (Thanks Mum!)

What a simple message. Yet so incredibly strong.

That's what I want my kids growing up with. The message that their family - Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother Love each other.

I think it might give them a sense of belonging. (Well - hoping so anyways) Don't we all hope for the best for our kids? Don't worry - I'm not a crazy mum that doesn't let the kids watch TV and only eat kale 🤣. I'm realistic. BUT if they have just 5% of what I'm talking about - That's enough!

Me, Nate and Asha laughing and laughing and laughing...

Me, Nate and Asha laughing and laughing and laughing...

Thanks for sharing in my story and my why. 

I so enjoyed getting to share MY family photos with you too!