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Just the two of you...


Just the two of you...

It is just the two of you.

You dont have kids... or a dog.. or a fish. AWESOME!!!

Let's celebrate all THAT YOU HAVE. 

Love, friendship, belly laughs, and that one other special thing that only the 2 of you know about. 

I want to capture your real emotions. 

Real Love.

Because thats what you have. Right?!

We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings so you can choose the ones that best express your relationship. Want outdoors and natural bushland? YUP! We got dat!

What about a beach-y vibe with bare feet and sand between your toes, a bottle of wine and your bet friend? - Yup - We got dat too!

Wait... Did you say that you want artistically lit, studio photos with a cinematic feel? - YAASSS!!! - We can do that too!

Our two outdoor studios (in Perth and Bunbury) are both on natural bushland and we have state of the art indoor studio lighting setups that would make any photography buff jealous.  

Let's take some cool

shots of the


We have loads of natural outdoor space

Cinematic studio lighting shows the bits you want to see (muscles!) and hides the bits you don't want to see (you get the idea).

Wall Art. Canvas, Acrylic, Framed. We got it all!

Check out this amazing Voss set... casual, natural, fun, arty! I bet you want something like this.  Right?! Who doesn't! 

(Ok - so you do want something different - you can go here.. we have other stuff too. )